Committees Role On Joint Health And Safety

There are many sectors in the community provides training and education for health and safety. This committee is bringing the internal responsibility method in to practice. The group has the heightening the team work among all parts of the work force regarding solving health and safety problems in the community or the area involved. There legislation is set with guidelines for the organizing the committee, the structure of the committee, meeting frequency, and the roles and responsibilities of committee members.

The exact role they performed are the following:
•    Be familiar with workplace hazards.
•    Assess the risk of accidents/incidents, injuries and illness.
•    Contribute for improvement and carrying out of programs to protect the employees’ safety and health.
•    Action to employee complaints and propositions concerning safety and health.
•    Make sure the maintenance and monitoring of injury and work hazard records.
•    Monitor and follow-up hazard reports and endorse action.
•    Set up and support programs to enhance employee training and education.
•    Take part in safety and health inquiries and investigations, as applicable.
•    Consult with professional and technical specialists.
•    Contribute in resolving workplace refusals and work stoppages.
•    Make commendations to management for accident inhibition and safety program activities.
•    Monitor effectiveness of safety programs and procedures.

These are the committees on joint health and safety roles do that vary by jurisdiction, in general, the committee assists the employer.


Concerning the training services for JHSC Certification Part 1 that may be seen. The program on the first part of the training process for individuals is to be certified by means of under guidelines established and prescribed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Once the program is completed, the participants will comprehend the important of legislation as well as their legal rights and accountabilities. They will learn the usual workplace hazards and key steps to addressing these hazards. All the knowledge that they acquired during the program can be tested out of the workplace inspections and accident investigations.

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